Welcome to the Nitro Survivor rules section. Follow all the guidelines to make sure you qualify for the chance to win bitcoin prizes in this Nitrobetting promotion. 

The Nitro Survivor contest is Nitrobetting’s version of the popular “NFL Survivor Pool” contest, which features the National Football League (NFL). The big difference between Nitro Survivor and other NFL survivor contests is that Nitrobetting features not just the American Football league but also other sports/leagues and/or a combination of sports/leagues

You can visit Nitro Survivor Pool FAQs for more information or go straight to the Nitro Survivor Pool home page to start joining the pools and locking in your picks.

Nitro Survivor Official Terms and Conditions

  • The Nitro Survivor contests, both the Free Entry and Bitcoin Buy-in Entry contests, are open to all players of Nitrobetting.
    New, active, and inactive players from the sportsbook, poker, and casino are allowed to join the contests.
  • Players are required to log in to their account before they can join the contest/s and make selection/s.
  • Players can enter Nitro Survivor Pool contests for Free or via Bitcoin Buy-ins. This will be explicitly stated in each contest.
    This promo is only available to good-standing players of Nitrobetting; previously banned players are ineligible to win any prizes in this promo.
  • Players found to be multi-accounting or involved in any other fraudulent act for the purpose of circumventing the rules in this promo and other promos will be flagged and banned from this and other promotions.
  • All winners from Nitro Survivor contests are required to make a first-time deposit and/or provide significant action before being able to withdraw any winnings from Nitrobetting poker freerolls, contests, and free bets including these Nitro Survivor Pool contests.

  • Each Nitro Survivor contest will feature one or more sports/leagues, or a combination of these sports/leagues for a predetermined duration of each contest.
  • The duration of contests will begin in the opening round and will last until the final round of that contest. Rounds may be in time spans of per day, per week, or others and will be explicitly stated in the contest. Rounds may vary from contest to contest.
  • Registration for these contests will open days or weeks before the first game of the opening round. The deadline for entries for the contest will be during the first round of games.
  • Entrants must pick one (1) team or player in each round. If the chosen team or player wins the game, then that entry advances to the next round and will remain “alive” in that contest. If the chosen team or player loses, the entry will be eliminated.
  • Entrants generally can pick one team/player once in each contest. However, there might be contests wherein entrants will be allowed to choose the team/player two or more times during the contest. This limit of the number of times a team/player can be picked will be explicitly stated in each contest.
  • If an entrant reaches a point in the contest where s/he is not able to make a pick because the only teams/players that remain have been previously picked by that entrant, then the entry will be eliminated.
  • Contests will have different limits on how many entries one player can submit for each. This will be explicitly stated in each contest. Free contests usually have a limit of one entry per player while Bitcoin Buy-in contests usually allow multiple entries per player in each contest.
  • The deadline for picks for each contest is set differently but will be based on the scheduled start time for each match-up. This means that there will be multiple deadlines for picks for each round in each contest. All information will be based on that particular league’s official schedule posted on the respective official league websites. A buffer of 1-10 minutes from the scheduled start time may be applied.
  • Entrants can change picks on games before their respective deadlines. Once a game’s deadline has lapsed, players will not be allowed to alter their picks for that particular game. All picks beyond the deadline are final. Nobody will be allowed to change a locked-in pick. No refunds will be granted, no picks will be changed by customer support, and no exceptions will be made.

  • The winning entry or entries for each contest will be the last player(s) standing or alive, either after all the rounds are done; or after one or multiple players are eliminated in an earlier round with no players able to advance after, or the longest surviving entries.
  • The total prize pool will be split evenly among the winning entries in case more than one entrant wins it. The formula used will be Total Prize Pool divided by the Number of Winning Entries.
  • Example #1: There were 5 entries left standing at the conclusion of the Nitro Survivor Pool with 300 mBTC prize pool. The 5 entries left were from Player A (2 entries), Player B (2 entries) and Player C (1 entry). The total prize pool (300 mBTC) divided by the number of winning entries (5) is 60 mBTC. Therefore, Player A, who had two entries, will receive 120 mBTC; Player B, who also had two entries, will receive 120 mBTC and Player C, with one entry, will receive 60 mBTC.
  • Example #2: There were 5 entries left standing at the conclusion of the Nitro Survivor Pool with 300 mBTC prize pool. The 5 entries left were from Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D, and Player E. The total prize pool (300 mBTC) divided by the number of winning entries (5) is 60 mBTC. Therefore, all users will get an equal share of the pot (60 mBTC) since no player had multiple winning entries in the pool.  
  • In case of any minor or major disputes regarding the prizes, entry, requirements, and others, Nitrobetting will have the sole authority to judge in favor of what is fair for all users involved in the contest/s.
  • Nitro Survivor contests may include a hosting fee (rake) between 0% and 10%. This will be explicitly stated in each contest and will be taken from the total prize pool.
  • All winners in Nitrobetting promos and contests are required to add 2FA and email addresses to their Nitrobetting accounts before they are awarded the prizes.
  • In the event that a winner – or winners – has been found to have committed fraudulent acts during the contest or in any other Nitrobetting promo and contest, the prizes for those players will not be awarded or will be confiscated.

  • Nitrobetting reserves the right to make minor or major changes in the structure and other details of any contest, at any time of the contest, if there are last-minute changes in the format, scheduling, or other details made by the featured league.
  • Nitrobetting reserves the right to cancel any contest depending on the gravity of these changes and how they affect how the contest is played. All entry fees that were eliminated from the contest at the time of this probable cancellation will not be returned to the players.
  • In case of any conflict with the rules of this contest and Nitrobetting’s general Terms and Conditions and Rules, the latter will supersede the former at all times.
  • In cases of “Force Majeure” events, Nitrobetting may reschedule any contest or cancel any contest. This may include but is not limited to natural events (earthquakes, floods, fire, plague, Acts of God, and other natural disasters), political or other special events (terrorism, riots or civil disturbances; war, nuclear or chemical contamination, or failure of public infrastructure, among others),
  • Nitrobetting will not be responsible for any website performance issues that will directly or indirectly affect the submission of picks or the entrant’s participation in the contest.
  • Nitrobetting reserves the right to void prizes of a contest and/or make cancellation if said contest’s integrity is undermined by malicious actions by a player or a number of players.
  • Any fraudulent act by a player or number of players, intentional or not, will result in disqualification of the involved players from the contest and subsequent ban from the Nitrobetting platform.
  • Any prizes earned by a player or number of players, if from a fraudulent act, will not be awarded and will be voided.
  • In case of a misgrade of a pick or picks in the contest, Nitrobetting will regrade that pick/s to the correct result and recompute the affected players’ points accordingly.
  • In case of a technical error in the contest system, Nitrobetting reserves the right to apply its own judgment in handling and weighing the options to resolve the issue. In the case where the judgment can/will affect multiple players, we try our hardest to ensure all decisions remain consistent across all player accounts.