How to Play Nitro Survivor

One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to find success in a Survivor Pool contest. It’s among the easiest contests out there yet often one of the most lucrative. That’s a major reason why millions of people join Survivor Pools, and now, you can finally participate in these contests here at Nitrobetting. Before you sharpen those virtual sharpies and lay down your picks, let’s walk you through a brief explainer of how Nitro Survivor works. 

If you want to go in-depth, you can go ahead and check out our FAQs and Rules pages.

What is Nitro Survivor?

  • Entrants simply need to pick one (1) team/player that will win in a given round. 
  • If the entrant’s pick does win for the round, that entry will advance to the next round of the contest. 
  • However, once a pick has been chosen in previous rounds, that pick can no longer be selected in succeeding rounds of action. 
  • There are contests that will allow for players to pick the same team more than one time for the duration of the contest, so make sure you formulate your strategy depending on these limits on how many times a team/player can be picked.
  • Rounds may be in time spans of per day, per week, or others and will be explicitly stated in the contest. Rounds may vary from contest to contest. 

How am I eliminated from a Nitro Survivor pool contest?

  • Since success in Nitro Survivor Pool relies wholly on the fate of the pick, any player will get eliminated from a contest if that player’s pick loses or is unable to continue.
  • Failure to make a pick will also mean instant elimination from the contest!

When are my picks due?

  • The deadline for picks for each contest is set differently but will be based on the scheduled start time for each match-up. 
  • All information will be based on that particular league’s official schedule posted on the respective official league websites. 

How does Nitrobetting determine the winner of the pool?

  • The player/s who owns the last entry standing in a Nitro Survivor Pool contest will be declared the winner.
  • If there is more than one entry still alive at the end of a Nitro Survivor Pool contest, those same number of entries will be declared winners, with the prize pool evenly split and distributed.
  • In case the remaining entries all get eliminated in earlier rounds, then those players will be the “longest surviving entries” and will share the pot!