The start day/time for each contest depends on the start day/time for that particular league. Usually, players can start joining the pools days or weeks before the beginning of the first game of a league/season. Other private and public pools may be opened at a later date but before the start of Round 1 of games for that league.

For example, in the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool, the contests will be open for entries around August 15, 2022 and players will be able to add entries and make selections at that time.

The end times for each contest are predetermined at the start. The end times vary from contest to contest depending on how many “rounds” there will be in that particular contest. Some contests may be for an entire season and some contests may feature only part of the season. This will be explicitly stated in each contest.

For example, in the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool, the end of the promotion will be on the final week of the NFL regular season.

The deadline for submission of entries in the pools will be during the first round of a particular contest. The deadline for submission of entries may vary for different contests.

For example, in the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool, the deadline for entries will be at the start of the final game of Week 1 (or round 1) or the kickoff of the first Monday Night Football (MNF) game of the season.

The deadline for picks for each contest is set differently but will be based on the scheduled start time for each match-up. All information will be based on that particular league’s official schedule posted on the respective official league websites. A buffer of 1-10 minutes from the scheduled start time may be applied.

Yes! Players can change picks on games before their respective deadlines. Once a game’s deadline has lapsed, players will not be allowed to alter their picks for that particular game, so make sure changes are done before the scheduled start time.

Definitely not if it’s after the deadline. All picks beyond the deadline are final. Nobody will be allowed to change a locked-in pick. No refunds will be granted, no picks will be changed by customer support, and no exceptions will be made.

This predetermined number is set before a contest starts. This varies from contest to contest and may be on a weekly, daily, monthly, or any other time basis.

For example, in the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool, the rounds will be on a week-to-week basis. Some other contests may feature day-to-day rounds.

The guaranteed prize means this is the minimum we will award for that specific pool. If the number of entries is big enough and produces a prize pool past the guaranteed number, then Nitrobetting will be awarding a prize pool larger than the initial declared guaranteed amount!

Nitrobetting reserves the right to cancel a guaranteed prize pool if the number of players for a particular pool is less than two (2) players. If there is only one (1) player registered at the time of the deadline, Nitrobetting will refund the buy-in amount for that pool to that player.

Winners will receive prizes in their Nitrobetting account no later than 7 days after the final game of the contest. In the event that a survivor pool already has a winner before the final round, we will award the prizes early after verification of the accounts and entries of the winners.

The total prize pool will be split evenly among the winning entries in case more than one entry/person wins it.

The formula used will be: Total Prize Pool divided by the Number of Winning Entries. This means that if a user has multiple winning entries in the same pool then that user will have a larger share of the shared prize pool.

Example #1: There were 5 entries left standing at the conclusion of the Nitro Survivor Pool with 300 mBTC prize pool. The 5 entries left were from Player A (2 entries), Player B (2 entries) and Player C (1 entry). The total prize pool (300 mBTC) divided by the number of winning entries (5) is 60 mBTC. Therefore, Player A, who had two entries, will receive 120 mBTC; Player B, who also had two entries, will receive 120 mBTC and Player C, with one entry, will receive 60 mBTC.

Example #2: There were 5 entries left standing at the conclusion of the Nitro Survivor Pool with 300 mBTC prize pool. The 5 entries left were from Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D, and Player E. The total prize pool (300 mBTC) divided by the number of winning entries (5) is 60 mBTC. Therefore, all users will get an equal share of the pot (6 BTC) since no player had multiple winning entries in the pool.

There are no rollover requirements involved in any part of this promotion for all buy-in pools. Winners from buy-in pools can withdraw prizes from this promotion at any time.

Winners from the free pools will have rollover requirements before they can withdraw their prizes. Nitrobetting’s general rules of freeroll winnings apply.

You can absolutely join the buy-in pools more than once! However, you can only submit one entry for each free pool.

No, you are not allowed to join pools using multiple accounts. We have extremely sophisticated methods for detecting multiple accounts in our system. Any players or team of players that attempt to defraud the contest by using more than one account will forfeit all promotion prizes and be banned from the contest and other Nitrobetting promotions and contests. Any prizes won from fraud accounts and related fraud accounts will be confiscated by Nitrobetting.

For the majority of the NFL-related contests in 2022,  we are not taking a percentage of the prizes! Every last satoshi is awarded to the pool winner(s). NO RAKE, NO HOUSE CUT.

Other contests may be added with a tournament fee, which will be a small percentage of the buy-in for future contests.

Yes. You can view the picks of other players after the deadline.

All games that end in a tie will be counted as a loss and will end your Survivor Pool entry.

You must successfully predict a winning team each week in order to survive and advance into the next week. That also means that you can’t advance if you select a team that is on a bye. A team that is on a bye will be graded as a loss upon official grading of that particular week. You are responsible for knowing which teams are playing (and which ones are not playing) each week when making your selection.

No. Your survivor pool picks are final. No refunds will be granted, no picks will be entered by customer support, and no exceptions will be made. Remember that players can still change their picks as long as the team you’ve currently selected and the team that you will change it to has not started their game. All picks will be locked in only after the pre-set deadline for each team, which is the start of the game.

If a game is cancelled and/or rescheduled to another date, the teams involved in that game will be considered as teams on a “bye week”. As such, any entry that picked a team under this circumstance will be ruled as a losing entry. Players are advised to check the respective league’s official announcements on postponed games and they must be aware that they need to change their picks if necessary.

If a game is rescheduled or cancelled due to unforeseen events, Nitrobetting will do its best to inform the affected players. It is the players’ responsibility to know which games are being rescheduled or cancelled every week.

Since the default deadline for each game is the start time of those games, then players will have an opportunity to change their picks from the teams involved in those cancelled games to teams that are guaranteed to still play that week.

Players are advised to be proactive in monitoring league announcements regarding cancelled or rescheduled games so they can change their picks, if necessary.

If the entire season is rescheduled or cancelled, at any point of the season, Nitrobetting will evaluate and consider the various scenarios at that point of the season and will come up with a fair decision with regards to the pool payouts.

Yes, you can select your entire list of picks on day one or wait until the closing times of each game in each round. It is entirely up to you.

Unfortunately, no. Only winning picks will allow you to move forward to the next round. If you forget to submit a pick for any week, that will count as a loss and mark the end of your Survivor Pool entry.

This means that you are trying to make your pick past the deadline, meaning the game has already started based on the time posted on the official website. All picks that fail to be submitted before the scheduled time will not count and the system will not allow them to be processed. We recommend that you do not leave your picks open until the last minute.

No refunds will be granted; no picks will be entered by customer support, and no exceptions will be made.

No. All entries are final and will not be refunded. No exceptions will be made.

In the case of a software defect, users must inform Nitrobetting immediately. Taking advantage of any defect — intentional or not — (e.g. changing an old pick from an old week, making a pick for a game already started) will result in disqualification from the contest. Any prizes won from defect advantages, if proven to be a technical error from the software’s side, will be split evenly among all remaining prize winners.

In case you notice an error in the results (e.g. wrong teams advanced, or wrong teams were graded as wins or losses), please notify Nitrobetting immediately by emailing [email protected] or creating a Support Ticket on site. The correct results won’t be affected by these grading errors or other similar errors, and the prizes will be awarded only to the valid winners after the correction is made.  All probable errors will be corrected first before declaring any winners in all pools.

In the case where no rule can be applied, Nitrobetting reserves the right to apply its own judgment in handling and weighing the options to resolve the issue. In the case where the judgment can/will affect multiple players, we try our hardest to ensure all decisions remain consistent across all player accounts.

Grading for all match-ups is expected to be done within 12-24 hours after that match-up has ended. This means that all players can immediately see their status (alive/eliminated) on the leaderboard for that contest.

Nitro Survivor is similar to the typical NFL Survivor Pool or other survivor pool contests in that a player must “survive” round by round to get to the ultimate prize. Becoming the “Last Man Standing” is still the goal for all Nitro Survivor contests.

The big difference between Nitro Survivor and other survivor pool contests is that Nitrobetting will be featuring not just the National Football League (NFL) but could also crossover to other sports/leagues or a combination of these sports/leagues.

By featuring other sports/leagues, Nitro Survivor will have various predetermined “rounds” (or “weeks” in the NFL) if featuring other sports/leagues.

Entrants generally can pick one team/player once in each contest. However, there might be contests wherein entrants will be allowed to choose the team/player two or more times during the contest. This will be explicitly stated in each contest.