Super Bowl 57: KC vs PHI Free

Super Bowl 57: KC vs PHI Free

Free entry for all users!
Prize Pool: 3 mBTC
Buy-in: FREE

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*All lines are subject to change, check back 24 hours before the end of registration for the final lines.
*Users can change their picks up to the deadline.

*NitroBetting will increase prize per 100 entries. (E.g. if contest reaches, 200, then prize will be 2 mBTC, 300, 3 mBTC, etc. Max prize for this free entry contest will be at 20 mBTC)

*To win the 20 mBTC extra prize, user/s must get the maximum 8 of 8 points possible for this contest.

*Regular prize pool for this event is 1 mBTC.