NBA Finals: BOS-GSW G2

NBA Finals: BOS-GSW G2

10 of 10 Perfect Picks earns 60 mBTC!
Official Results

These are the official results of the NBA Finals: BOS-GSW G2 as of June 05, 2022 11:03 PM EDT.

*This is a special Nitro Picks contest, users with perfect (10 of 10) picks will share an additional 60 mBTC prize on top of the prize pool collected for this event.

*Regular prize pool for this event is buy-in* times the number of entries.

*In case one or more players is not able to play due to injury or other reasons and this was announced pre-game, we reserve the right make changes for this particular selection. Players can change their picks up to the start of the game.

Predictions will count towards 2022 NBA Finals Game 2 Celtics vs. Warriors scheduled on June 5,2022.