30 mBTC GTD: World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

Prize Pool: 30 mBTC
Buy-in: 0.1 mBTC

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Round of 16





– This bracket will be open for entries even before the match-ups are known in the Round of 16 of World Cup 2022.
– The names will be placeholders from the teams’ rankings at the end of the group stage (e.g. Group A Winner/Runner-up, etc)
– If a user selects a placeholder team, that player is choosing whichever team will advance to that spot after the group stages.
– Actual team names/countries will be updated as soon as those teams officially clinch that spot after the group stages.
– Players who are picking early are advised to check their picks near the deadline.
– Make sure to place the goal total prediction for the finals match as this will serve as the primary tiebreaker.
– Please read full rules and guidelines for more information.

-My Combined Score is the players’ prediction of the total final score of the last game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (or the Final round). This will be used to determine the first tiebreaker. The closest prediction to the actual combined score will get the higher ranking in the leaderboard. In case a player fails to place a prediction the default score prediction for the player would be zero (0). – In the FIFA World Cup knockout stages, this would be the final game of the tournament. Only considered willl be the final score including extra time but not the penalty shootout scores in case it reaches that stage. (For example, the final score is 2-2 after extra time, a team winning 4-3 in penalties; the winning score will be 4 (or 2 + 2 combined score between those teams).